Sound Space
SMCD-001.jpg Linda Sharrock

STARMAX MUSIC (Sound Space/EumGongGan)

  • Linda Sharrock
  • (vocal on all-tracks)

  • Wolfgang Puschunig
  • (alto sax on
  • Dhaser Yousses
  • (oud,voice on 2.)
  • Lee KangSoo
  • (janggo,voice on 2.,jing on, janggo on 4.7.9.)
  • Ji SoonJa
  • (gayageum on 4.)
  • Kwon Yongmi
  • (daegeum on 3.6.)
  • Min YoungChi
  • (daegeum on 3.6., jing on 9.)
    01. Roala 2:08
    02. Horizon 8:59
    03. Mystery to me 6:21
    04. Last in Love 4:08
    05. Over the Rainbow 6:08
    - E.Y.Harburg/Harold Arlen
    06. Nocturne 7:23
    07. Sing a song 4:30
    08. Strange fruit 6:55
    - Allen Lewis
    09. Forein love 7:29
    10. Alone 3:43
    Recorded at Seoul Studio , Korea October, 1997
    total : 58'11"

    Alone text(; extracted) by Suzanna Oh
    (full text: Alone, At Last)

    Linda Sharrock had her first encounter with Korea in around 1987. She was accompanying her hasband while he was on tour in Europe with a group consisting of mailnly percussionists including a traditional Korea percussion ensemble. It was an encounter from a distance , since she wasn't actually working with the Korean musicians at the time, but there was friendship and deep mutual interet from the start.

    Linda used her voice like an instrument, which appealed to the Korean musicans at once. A singer meant they had to deal of words but Linda's type of vocal artisty was something they could simply respond to as if it were another instrument.

    Koreans talk a lot about a concept called "han(恨)" especially when they talk about art. Han refers to pain, but not in a physical sence. It's more about loss or regret or hard times and it might be very similar to what we say in West when we talk about singing the blues. This album has han in it. It's a culmination of all the love and pain she's experienced as well as her ear and eye for Korea.

    Linda Sharrock, 1997

    producer :
    Sohn, Ah Sun (Sound Space)
    Shimizu Ichiro(Sound Space)

    director : Miyakoshi Hiroki (Sound Space)
    recording engineer : Uetsuki Takashi (Delta Studio)
    mastering engineer : Ueda Keiko (Sunrise Studio)
    notes : Suzzana Oh
    notes in korean : Miyakoshi Hiroki (Sound Space)
    cover design : Lim JungYeun / BOW DESIGN
    photograph : Shimizu Ichiro (Sound Space)
    (p) : 2000