Samsung Music:

SCO-025 CSS Lee YimRye
Pansori "Sim-cheong Song"
[Korean Traditional Music/Great Soloist Series]
The Life of thes great Pansori vocalist was immortalized in the Korean film "Hwimori".

  • Lee YimRye
    (vocal on all tracks)
  • Lee TaeBaek
    (buk w/voice on all tracks)
  • From the Pansori "Sim-cheong Song"

    01. Ju-gwa-po-hye/
    Sim-bong-sa Dong-nyang
    - Korean Traditional/Pansori
    02. A-beo-ji deut-jo-si-o/
    Sim-cheong-i Deul-o-on-da
    - Korean Traditional/Pansori
    03. Si-bi-tta-ra/Bae-neun Go-pa
    - Korean Traditional/Pansori
    04. Jung-Taryeong/Fu-won-gi-do
    - Korean Traditional/Pansori

  • Recorded at 91 Studio, Seoul Korea, September 1993
  • Produced by Sohn, Ah Sun(Sound Space) and Shimizu Ichiro (Sound Space)
  • Engineered by Uetsuki Takashi(Delta Studio)
  • Cover Art by Song Yoon
  • Photo by Shimizu Ichiro(Sound Space)