Samsung Music:

SCO-043 CSS Kim DaeRye &
Ritual Ensemble of Jindo Island

Jindo Ssit-kkim Kut
[Korean Traditional/Ritual Music Series]
The "Kut" is a ritual re-enactment of the cleansing of the soul of the deceased before it enters the nether world. In Jindo Island, southwestern Korean Coast.

  • Kim DaeRye
    (vocal on all tracks/main on 1.3.6.)
  • Lee WanSoon
    (vocal on all tracks/main on 2.4.5.)
  • Chae GyeMan
    (ajaeng on all tracks)
  • Kim GiBong
    (piri, jing on all tracks)
  • Kang JoonSub
    (buk, voice on all tracks)
  • Park ByungWon
    (janggo, voice on all tracks)
  • Kim BangHyun
    (daegeum on all tracks)
  • 01. Cho-hon-ji-ak (16'22")
    - Korean Traditional
    02. Son-nim-Kus (08'19")
    - Korean Traditional
    03. Je-seok-Kus (11'51")
    - Korean Traditional
    04. Hon-ssis-kim-Kus/Go-pul-i (07'50")
    - Korean Traditional
    05. Gil-dagg-eum (10'09")
    - Korean Traditional
    06. Jong-cheon (13'37")
    - Korean Traditional
    * kus = kut

  • Recorded at Jindo Hall, Jindo Island, Korea, June 1992
  • Mastered at Tokyu Fun, Shibuya Tokyo Japan
  • Produced by Sohn Ah Sun(Sound Space) and Shimizu Ichiro (Sound Space)
  • Engineered by Uetsuki Takashi(Delta Studio)
  • Mastered by Ueda Keiko(Tokyu Fun)
  • Cover Illustration: Korean old falk picture
  • Title Illustration by Song Yoon
  • Photo by Shimizu Ichiro(Sound Space)
  • Designed by Kim Yoon Ai(Samsung)
  • Notes in Korean by Sound Space
  • Notes in English/Japanese by Miyakoshi Hiroki
  • Release Date was September 1994 (9407-G516)
  • Manufactured by SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD.