Samsung Music:

SCO-044 CSS Kim DaeRye &
Ritual Ensemble of Jindo Island

Chindo a Pallbearer's Song
(Jin-do Da-si-rae-gi)
[Korean Traditional/Ritual Music Series]
Folk Songs performed to accompany the deceased to his final resting place.
A rare comvination of melody and spirit.
Jindo Island, Southwestern Korean Coast.

  • Kim HangGyu
  • Park ByungChun
  • Jo GongRye
  • Park JongDan, Kim GiBong, Lee WanSoon, Park DongMae, Lee TaeBaek & others
  • 1st part
    01. Gin-yeol-bul
    - Korean Traditional
    02. Jung-yeol-bul
    (Jung-yeol-bul, Ae-so-ri, Jae-hwa-so-ri)
    - Korean Traditional

    2nd part
    03. Ha-jik
    - Korean Traditional
    04. A-ma-ta-bul
    - Korean Traditional
    05. Cheong-gung
    - Korean Traditional
    07. Ga-rae-so-ri
    - Korean Traditional
    08. Yuk-ja-beag-i
    - Korean Traditional

  • Recorded at Seoul Studio, Seoul Korea, March 1994
  • Produced by Sohn, Ah Sun(Sound Space) and Shimizu Ichiro (Sound Space)
  • Engineered by Uetsuki Takashi(Delta Studio)
  • Cover Illustration: Korean old falk picture
  • Title Illustration by Song Yoon