Samsung Music:

SCO-058 CSS Kim SukChul
& Ritual Ensemble of Eastern Korean Coast

Dong-hae O-gu Kut
[Korean Traditional/Ritual Music Series]
The music is intended to soothe the souls of the daed, and relieve some of their sorrow. In Southeastern Korean Coast.

  • Kim SukChul
  • Kim YooSun
  • Kim YoungSook
  • Kim YoungTaek
  • Kim DongYeul
  • Kim JungHee
  • Kim JungGuk
  • 01. Gol-maeg-i-kut (18'58")
    - Korean Traditional
    02. Cho-mang-ja-kut (54'49")
    - Korean Traditional

  • Recorded at TGR Studio, Seoul Korea, November 1994
  • Masterd at Tokyu Fun Studio, Tokyo Japan
  • Produced by Sohn Ah Sun(Sound Space) and Shimizu Ichiro (Sound Space)
  • Engineered by Uetsuki Takashi(Delta Studio)
  • Masterd by Mastered by Kobayashi Yoshio(Tokyu Fun)
  • Cover Illustration is A Old Korean Folk Picture
  • Title Illustration by Sung Yoon
  • Photo by Shimizu Ichiro(Sound Space)
  • Designed by Suh Jee Won(Samsung
  • Planned by Choi In(Samsung)