SAMSUNG Music: Eum Gong Gan

Yu Mi-ri, Cho Ju-Sun, Park Sun-Mi, Choi Jin-Suk, Kang Kyung-Ah

Young Sanjo Vol.3 - Chang(Chants)
This third edition of the Sanjo series features the talents of five young Pansori(one of Korea's most dramatic traditional performing arts forms). All of the singers on this album were born between 1970 and 1971. Their youth and skill is remarkable in that Pansori epic nature requires a lifetime of commitment and training to perfect.

  • Yu Mi-ri
    (vocal on 1.6.)
  • Cho Ju-Sun
    (vocal on 2.6.)
  • Park Sun-Mi
    (vocal on 3.)
  • Choi Jin-Suk
    (vocal on 4.6.)
  • Kang Kyung-Ah
    (vocal on 5.6.)
  • Kim Chung-Mahn
    (buk on, janggo on 6.)
  • Kim Yong-Gil
    (ajaeng on 6.)
  • Lee Yong-Goo
    (daegeum on 6.)
  • 01.
    from, The Song of the Underwater Palace (Pansori, Su-gung Ga)
    from, The Tale of Sim-cheong (Pansori, Sim-cheong Ga)
    from, The Tale of Hung-bo (Pansori, Hung-bo Ga)
    from The Tale of Chung-hyang (Pansori, Chun-hyang Ga)
    from, The Tale of Hung-bo (Pansori, Hung-bo Ga)
    Yuk-ja Bae-gi

  • Recorded at '21 Studio, Seoul Korea, August 1996
  • Produced by Sohn, Ah Sun(Sound Space) and Shimizu Ichiro (Sound Space)
  • Directed by You Sung-Jae (Sound Space) , Miyakoshi Hiroki(Sound Space)
  • Engineered by Uetsuki Takashi (Delta Studio)
  • Masterd by Ueda Keiko (Tokyu Fun)
  • Cover Art Cho Sung-Mu
  • Title Illustration by Song Yoon , Park Hee-Jun
  • Photo by Shimizu Ichiro (Sound Space)
  • Notes (in Korean) by Prof. Yoo Young-Dae (Korea Univ.)
  • Notes (in English) by Suzanna Oh